Dedusting Project

100t EAF dedusting upgrading project. Customer technical team and procurement team paid a visit in China to obtain technical clarifications on details of designed drawings and parameters, as well to survey manufacturing factory.

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Grinding Machine Project

Three grinders were built in 1995 in a CSP production line, the electric system and drive units are indeed obsolete and come to the end of life after decades of utilization, the user therefore decide to either upgrade grinding machines or purchase new grinders to replace existing three step by step. After careful study upon upgrading and new grinder proposal, technical communications as well as factory surveys, users are quite satisfied with proposed technology and product which are equivalent to or even better in performance than the world class peers

ERP Project

ZONT not only provides equipments to customers, but also recommends cost-effective of ERP system to customers. And customer-centric, product innovation as the core, ZONT help customers to entire management form product design to manufacturing...

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