Benefits from Hot Metal Charging

1.Higher steel yield

2.Lower electricity consumption

3.Lower electrode consumption

4.Less tap to tap time

5.Better steel quality

Technology Transfer


The EAF hot metal charging is a vastly applied technology in China in order to save energy and bring down production cost. This new process not only relieves the shortage of scrap steel, but also significantly cuts down tap to tap time, electricity consumption and finally increase productivity. Furthermore, the steel quality shall be ungraded because harmful remnants in scrap steel can be diluted by hot metal. Hot metal charging process is now playing a very important role in cost saving and enhancing competiveness for steel-making companies. Hot metal charging has been vastly applied in China domestic EAF plants, normally, hot metal ratio is around 40%-60%, under the completion of ZONT technical services, some of the factories have reached the level of 80% or even more which means EAF has been transformed into a converter (ZERO electricity consumption during steel making).

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